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Latest Matches


Pro Piacenza - ArezzoWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsItaly: Serie C


Oxford City - East ThurrockWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsEngland: National League


Liberec - OpavaWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsCzech Republic: 1. Liga


Strasbourg - CaenWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsFrance: Ligue 1


Atl. Madrid - AlavesWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsSpain: LaLiga


Dukla Prague - PribramWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsCzech Republic: 1. Liga

VIP 07-12-2018

Midtjylland - OdenseWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsDenmark: Superliga


Vietnam - PhilippinesWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsWorld: AFF Suzuki Cup

VIP 06-12-2018

Levante - LugoLOSS

Over 2.5 GoalsSpain: Copa del Rey


Nantes - MarseilleWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsFrance: Ligue 1


Zapresic - NK VinogradarWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsCroatia: Croatia Cup

VIP 04-12-2018

Getafe - CordobaWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsSpain: Copa del Rey


Jablonec - ZlinWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsCzech Republic: 1. Liga


Duisburg - Holstein KielWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsGermany: 2nd Bundesliga


Botev Plovdiv - BeroeWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsBulgaria: Parva Liga

VIP 01-12-2018

Blackburn - Sheffield WedWIN

Over 2.5 GoalsEngland: Championship

Latest Matches

Date Teams League Tips Result
12-12-2018 Pro Piacenza - Arezzo Italy: Serie C Over 2.5 Goals WIN
11-12-2018 Oxford City - East Thurrock England: National League Over 2.5 Goals WIN
10-12-2018 Liberec - Opava Czech Republic: 1. Liga Over 2.5 Goals WIN
09-12-2018 Strasbourg - Caen France: Ligue 1 Over 2.5 Goals WIN
08-12-2018 Atl. Madrid - Alaves Spain: LaLiga Over 2.5 Goals WIN
07-12-2018 Dukla Prague - Pribram Czech Republic: 1. Liga Over 2.5 Goals WIN
VIP 07-12-2018 Midtjylland - Odense Denmark: Superliga Over 2.5 Goals WIN
06-12-2018 Vietnam - Philippines World: AFF Suzuki Cup Over 2.5 Goals WIN
VIP 06-12-2018 Levante - Lugo Spain: Copa del Rey Over 2.5 Goals LOSS
05-12-2018 Nantes - Marseille France: Ligue 1 Over 2.5 Goals WIN
04-12-2018 Zapresic - NK Vinogradar Croatia: Croatia Cup Over 2.5 Goals WIN
VIP 04-12-2018 Getafe - Cordoba Spain: Copa del Rey Over 2.5 Goals WIN
03-12-2018 Jablonec - Zlin Czech Republic: 1. Liga Over 2.5 Goals WIN
02-12-2018 Duisburg - Holstein Kiel Germany: 2nd Bundesliga Over 2.5 Goals WIN
01-12-2018 Botev Plovdiv - Beroe Bulgaria: Parva Liga Over 2.5 Goals WIN
VIP 01-12-2018 Blackburn - Sheffield Wed England: Championship Over 2.5 Goals WIN

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Our normal tips are backed by extensive study and research and can be counted on to win at least 75% of the time. These tips cover all the major leagues – including Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, the Premier League and more.

The tips are also strictly for over 2.5 goal bets. Our members consistently use these tips to grow their bankroll. Tips are delivered by email and in a timely manner so that you can place your bets and take advantage of the best early odds.

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What is a VIP tip?

Our VIP tips are the next level of soccer tips compared to our normal tips. These tips are, in fact, the best of the best. These tips feature the best odds and the best winning rate so that subscribers can make a lot of money fast.

Our VIP tips are ideal for high rollers and other bettors looking to make a lot of money quickly. These tips aren’t available anywhere else, only our VIP subscribers receive them. Tips are emailed immediately after payment is received.

Latest VIP Tips

VIP   10-12-2017

Tenerife - Reus Deportiu WIN

Over 2.5 Goals SPAIN: LaLiga2

VIP   07-11-2017

Neustadt - BW Linz WIN

Over 2.5 Goals AUSTRIA: Erste Liga

Latest VIP Tips

Date Teams League Tips Result
10-12-2017 Tenerife - Reus Deportiu SPAIN: LaLiga2 Over 2.5 Goals WIN
01-11-2017 Neustadt - BW Linz AUSTRIA: Erste Liga Over 2.5 Goals WIN

Is SureOver25Tips.com Home to the Best Over 2.5 Goals Tips on the Internet Today?

We certainly think so! Let us explain why:

At a time when the over 2.5 goal bet is exploding in popularity, SureOver25Tips is the only site that is carefully studying matches all over the world to find the best over 2.5 goals tips.

Each day our powerful software program scours the globe searching for matches in the major and secondary leagues that make the best over 2.5 goals tips.

Once our software has identified the best candidates, I, the tipster at SureOver25Tips, then study the matches more to find the very best of the identified matches.

I then send these tips on to my subscribers so that they can place their bets. I always deliver tips early in the day so that you have plenty of time to place a bet and take advantage of the best early odds.

The truth is at SureOver25Tips we always go the extra mile for our subscribers. Need betting system advice? We can help. Need money management tips? We can help. Need the very best over 2.5 tips? We can certainly help with that.

Here is more of what we do to help subscribers:

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• Offer betting system and money management advice

• And much more

Why Bet Over 2.5 Goals Tips?

One great thing about over 2.5 goals bets is that they often have equal or nearly equal odds. It’s true, these odds are why so many bettors are deciding to bet on over 2.5 goals when they are placing an over or under bet.

Another reason for the increasing popularity of over 2.5 goals bets is the accuracy and high win rate of our tips here at SureOver25Tips.

Our normal tips are winning 75% of the time and our VIP tips have an amazing win rate of 90%. With the proper money management, these win rates will allow you to grow your bankroll very fast.

If you’ve been betting for a while and have lost more than you have won or if you are on a current “losing streak” SureOver25Tips is the perfect solution.

With win rates of 75% (normal tips) and 90% (VIP tips) we don’t really experience losing streaks. Our losses are few and far between.

Remember, we also provide our members with betting advice to help them even further. For example, if you are in a losing streak right now you could also try the following:

Tip #1 – Take a break. Instead of making desperate bets to try and win back what you’ve lost – which more often than not leads to more losses – take a step back. Catch your breath and spend more time researching upcoming matches. Get your feet back underneath you and then place your next bet with more confidence.

Tip #2 – Change your strategy. Another way to break a losing streak is to change the betting strategy you are using. For example, if you are using a riskier system like Fibonacci or The Martingale, you could switch to the Flat Betting System, which would reduce your risk and allow you to focus on steadily building your winnings.

Tip #3 – Reduce your stake. One of the biggest mistakes punters make when they are in a losing streak is to try and get back their losses on one bet. Don’t do it! Instead, reduce your bets and only when the wins start coming back or you feel particularly confident about a bet should you up your stake.

But still the most effective way to end a losing streak and start a long winning streak is to join SureOver25Tips.

Our highly accurate over 2.5 goals tips will put you on the fast track to success. You can stop worrying about losing and start planning what you are going to do with all your winnings.

That’s why SureOver25Tips is home to the best over 2.5 tips on the Internet.